Alex Ruiz is the founder of Infinite Artist, a center for creative expression and artist collective in Austin, TX. He is dedicated to the transformative power of creativity, leading art workshops, building courses, community and careers for visual thinkers and entrepreneurs around the world. He is a professional ‘Visual Alchemist’ & Visionary Innovation Strategist with over 25 years of experience working with companies including Disney, Marvel, 20th Century Fox, Google, and Disney, bringing their big ideas to life.

He is a passionate believer in the transformative power of creativity and its boundless potential to inspire and enrich people's lives. As a professional artist, he has harnessed this mindset to great effect, lending his artistic talents to billion dollar films as a conceptual artist and art director, as well as serving private clients across various industries.

Throughout his creative journey, Alex has embraced and cultivated his innermost creative desires, turning his dreams into tangible visual realities. This profound experience has empowered him to appreciate the transformative power of creativity and its ability to enhance one's life.

Through his artist coaching program, Infinite Artist, Alex endeavors to share his vast knowledge and expertise with others, introducing them to the limitless potential and magic of creativity. He is passionate about guiding individuals in their creative pursuits, helping them to unleash their inner artist, and transforming their lives in the process.

You can find Alex's entire portolio here.

Joe Dispenza
"Inspire" Podcast Cover Art

Vylana Marcus
"Phoenix" Album Cover

Aubrey Marcus
Podcast Cover Art



Meet Katie, the studio manager at Infinite Artist's creative sanctuary. Her lifelong passion for art has been a guiding light in her journey. She's been doodling away for as long as memory serves, but it was that magical moment in her first acrylics class, 20 years ago, at A to Z Art Workshop, when painting truly captured her heart.

Since then, Katie's path has taken her across the enchanting landscapes of Europe studying abroad on an Art Euro-term, where she immersed herself in the transformative power of art. Surrounded by the world's masterpieces, she felt the pulse of creation calling to her since she got back. She aspires to ignite that same love for art in every soul who steps into Infinite Artist Studio, and in doing so, she seeks to paint the world with even more beauty.

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