The 10 Pillars of Drawing

basics of drawing beginning drawing how to draw Aug 13, 2021

'The 10 Pillars of Drawing: A Quick Guide for Beginner Artists.'

Do you feel that your drawings might be missing something? But you can't quite put your finger on it?

In my roughly forty years of daily drawing, I've realized that good drawings contain an  essence, an almost formulaic structure, 'ingredients' if you will...ones that can be boiled down to simple to understand ideas.

I've realized that without these fundamental 'pillars', drawings come 'crashing down.'

I have no doubt that your drawings contain some of these 'pillars' already. But add in a few more, and your drawings will stand solid, vibrant, and proud:)

This is not 'HOW TO DRAW'  guide per se, but a list of things that are found in GOOD, SOLID, IMAGINATIVE DRAWINGS.

This guide will help you understand how to THINK about drawing from the ground up, by introducing to you these simple yet powerful ideas that will change the way you DRAW!



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