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drawing ideas what to draw Apr 20, 2020

I wanted to take a moment to discuss the [sometimes very frustrating] topic of WHAT to draw.

Do you ever struggle with this? I sure do sometimes!

This is something many artists struggle with, beginner and advanced artists alike.   

'I just don't know WHAT to draw sometimes!' says every artist ever!


Enter the 'Drawing Ideas Matrix'. Sounds epic and fancy, but it's just a list of words on 'digital post-its':) Kinda like a vision board with words instead of images.

It's a PSD you can download for FREE RIGHT HERE. Everything is on layers so you can add to these, rearrange or create your own! Play with it:)

When you feel stuck, just pull it up and glance at the different sections and you'll immediately get some ideas...all it takes is a couple of words to spark the wildfire of imagination.

(if you don't want the PSD, you can download the JPEG by clicking the image below)



Of course, HOW TO DRAW these things will utilize different approaches and techniques that I will continue to share, but sometimes a better path in figuring out HOW TO DRAW is first figuring out WHAT TO DRAW!

Until next time, keep drawing! And in this case, explore and WRITE down the fun and cool things you want to draw, then draw them later! :D


ps here's some links to random word and phrase generators...they'll really help you spark even more ideas for unique and interesting drawings! 

Random Word Generator

Nonsense Generator

2 Word Phrase Generator

Verb List

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